Monday, January 21, 2008

Yet another critter

This is not about plastic. I just thought it was funny.

My husband is a bleeding heart. The man swerves the car to miss frogs and butterflies, I kid you not. When I caught the $&*^&^% mink which had been killing my chickens, he made me release it rather than drown it. He is a big softie, which is an endearing quality.

We had a squirrel in the walls of our house, and we could hear him chewing away in the evening and afternoons.

So we set up a live trap and tonight caught ourselves a red squirrel.

Well, "we can't take him anywhere and release him, he would starve". I have no idea what he was thinking he would do if he caught it when he set the trap up in the first place.


We now have a temporary new pet. We put him in the old rat cage, with a nest box and lots of food, which is funny because only last week we moved the rats to their new condo. Tomorrow I have to go buy him (or her) a water bottle. Come spring we can release him far away from our house. In the mean least he is in the house in a contained way rather than chewing his way through the walls.

And here I was trying to reduce the number of critters around here!

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